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Stay Healthy in a hybrid working model

Safe e-guide to start with
daily healthy behavior practice

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Do you struggle to find the time to cook healthy dishes, to exercise or simply to think about your next goals in your busy schedule?

This safe e-guide is here to provide busy (hybrid) workers a framework to start adopting a daily healthy behavior:

- Daily Movement 7-day practice: with some easy & quick (max 20min) mobility, flexibility, core/upper body/ hips strength (bodyweight) exercises to start moving more often & well !

- Batch cooking 7-day practice: easy healthy dishes ideas with full shopping list for the upcoming week that you can plan/prepare ahead during the weekend! + extra tip to minimize hunger pangs while working from home.

- Daily self-reflection 7-day practice: daily questions that you can answer in a journal (max 5min) to help you with taking a step back from your daily life and think about what are your priorities in your life.

After completing this 7-day practice, you can use this e-guide as a template to plan your own healthy behavior routine that works for you :)

Also if you want to extend your online personalized program with weekly exercises, reach out to me at for more info!


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